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Family Handbook



We have an exciting year planned for you at Torrey Hills School! We want Torrey Hills to be a school where you feel safe and ready to learn, so you will be reviewing this booklet in your classroom with your teacher and at home with your family. We are looking forward to a fantastic school year!


Thank you for sending your child(ren) to our school. We feel privileged to have so many wonderful students and families working alongside us and look forward to working with you this year. Torrey Hills School is committed to providing a nurturing and inspiring educational program for all of our students. It is our goal that each student realizes his or her potential through our challenging academic program. In addition, we want each child to develop strong self-esteem, good character, an appreciation of the fine arts, an interest in science, and an understanding of technology as an important tool in learning.

We are particularly proud of our productive relationship with our dynamic and involved parental community. So many great aspects of our school rely on the continued support of our parents. There is no doubt that Torrey Hills is thriving because of parental commitment and involvement, so please pursue whatever level of involvement that you can. A school is as strong as the partnerships between itsʼ community of parents, staff and students. Torrey Hills is living proof of this!

The focus of this handbook is to assist families with important information regarding school policies and our school discipline plan. Your understanding and support of these policies and practices help us establish a learning environment that is respectful, conducive to learning, and that ensures the safety and welfare of all students.

You can help us at home by reading through this booklet with your child and returning the signed acknowledgement page to your childʼs classroom teacher. Please keep this handbook in a prominent place and review the guidelines with your child as discussions about school come home during the school year.

We appreciate your support and involvement as we all work together to create a safe, fun, and caring learning community for our children.

Thank you for your involvement and support of Torrey Hills Elementary School.
Kristin Stanton